Warrior Monk Retreat

Warrior Monk Retreat

Wednesday, Dec 30, 2020 – Sunday, Jan 3, 2021

3:00pm – 3:00pm

December 30th, 2020 to January 3rd, 2021
Annual Warrior Monk at the New Year

Warrior Monk Retreat – For Men and Women
Whidbey Institute – Whidbey Island, Washington

Warrior Monk is an experiential training designed to be truly integral – enhancing and intertwining one’s spiritual, emotional and psychological healing and growth.

In a powerful and elegant container, we practice a wide variety of transformational mind and heart-opening work, borrowing practical and grounded wisdom from many traditions. Blending intensive personal work with full immersion in retreat-like space grounds and reinforces deep growth and healing. Together, the participants and co-gender staff create a powerful and supportive cauldron for the work.
For 20+ years, we’ve consistently heard of the lasting impact of this work in people’s lives. We’ve learned well how to oer this work with safety, sweetness, fierceness, and fun. Please consider joining us.

Dan McKee leads the Warrior Monk training with a small staff of women and men. He brings an extensive background as the student, teacher, and leader in many models and traditions: spiritual, philosophical, and experiential psychology. His focus and gift are in creating a grounded learning environment rich in compassion, awareness, safety, and humor.


Learn how you create and sustain your ongoing reality with judgments, distractions, and doubt. Unwire old, reactive patterns and learn how to better use the mind for being present with and to what matters most.

Through awareness training and forgiveness work, access deeper compassion and appreciation of self and others.

Explore your current purpose and mission — from who you authentically are — at this stage of your life.

Experience and embody the state of being that helps you consistently find your way back to the present and what’s truly important.


Get clear on what sacred means to you, and use it to craft an intentional, sacred life. A transformative retreat for women and men Warrior Monk is
an experiential training designed to be truly integral  enhancing and intertwining one’s spiritual, emotional, and psychological healing and growth.

Inquire to learn more: DanMcKee@DeeperCurrents.org

Tuition Cost: $580 + Tuition Contribution

Event Location

Whidbey Institute
6449 Old Pietila Road
Clinton, WA , 98236

Event Fees

$ 580.00